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About us, Weareshadows

Our Culture , Nature & Style !

There was a time in Pune when a lady was becoming powerful in the advertising culture . She learnt the nature and adapted the advertising style!

After gathering 25 years of in depth experience in advertising, she built her own कार्यालय.

And that’s how on 4th March 2013, Shadows was established in Pune!

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About our team

About us, Weareshadows

Owner & Founder

"Your network is your net worth"

About us, Weareshadows

Digital Team

"Content is king"

About us, Weareshadows

Marketing Team

"Every business has a story to tell"

About us, Weareshadows


"Creativity takes courage"

About us, Weareshadows

Client Servicing Team

“Always deliver more than expected.”

About us, Weareshadows

Finance Team

"Real wealth is about freedom"

Our tribe has various qualities.

Our मुखिया Mrs. Namita Umbrekar Kulkarni leads and guides us to achieve our goals. Our tribe is famous because of our Marketing team. They perfectly reach to various अतिथीस् who are looking for advertising solutions. Client servicing team knows exactly what our अतिथी wants. Digital team connects our अतिथी to the modernised and digitalised world. Artists show their कलात्मकता in everything they do. Finance team takes care of the entire tribe’s happiness! And this is how our कार्यालय works!